We Deliver Your Passion

Jungo verb (Latin)

join, unite; bring together

Our mission is to connect our global audience to their passions by creating the most extensive collection of entertaining and educational content.

We inspire audiences globally by connecting them to entertainment that speaks to their passions, interests, and cultural affinities.

About us

Jungo is an international streaming media company based in the United States.

With 2 billion monthly views and 300 million active users, we are a market leader in creating passion-centric and international language verticals. Our offerings include digital-first TV channels, video on demand, and streaming apps, featuring thousands of hours of content across mobile, web, and connected devices.

Key stakeholders are Nasser Kazeminy (Chairman), Sandy Climan , Ahmet Calik, William Pope, Robert Priddy, John Sculley, and George Chung (CEO).


We work with the world’s leading technology and entertainment companies to fulfill our mission of connecting our audience with content they are passionate about.

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